Klagshamn and Lillgrund

Vattenfall organized a boat trip out to Lillgrund, the wind mill park in Öresund between Malmö and Copenhagen and some friends and I decided to go. To be honest, there were not a ton of interesting pictures to be taken out there. Afterwards, though, we walked around the horse riding club where they are tearing down old buildings. That was more interesting..

Laponia in summer

This was my first visit to Laponia in the summer. SO beautiful and SO full of mosquitoes. Cool with the 4 pictures of the same mountain in different kinds of light.

West Coast

Was at a hippie kind of café on the west coast. Love the pig and love the girl who's just sooooo bored.

Street Photography in Vilnius

I was in Vilnius this weekend. It was my first time in Lithuania (or any of the Baltic states) and of course I took the opportunity to do some street photography.

There was a music festival all over town the first day.